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Osmoz Classic Gin


The nose of OSMOZ CLASSIC is traditional ; the distinctive note of juniper is very expressive and full of delicateness. A herbal hint provided by coriander brings freshness. Balsamic and resinous aromatic notes remind of fir tree bud.

This gin is very complex and develops on fruity citrus notes, even on fresh apricot with a taste of slight orange. The finish ends with notes of fresh humus, forest and spices (cloves, saffron and nutmeg) …

In the mouth, the attack remains subtle. The well represented juniper evolves toward the freshness of coriander and cucumber. This gin has a light structure and fills the palate with fine aromas of fruits, citrus and spices.

The finish is long and tends toward a lemon taste (lime) with a touch of bitterness and freshness.

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OSMOZ CLASSIC is the ideal creation of Laurent VALLET and is classic, traditional and subtle.

Made from grapes like the very first spirits with juniper berry, this gin is perfectly in line with the family tradition.

The juniper taste is predominant whilst still being supported by a pleasant aromatic sweetness combining freshness and complexity and can be enjoyed on the rocks or diluted.


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